G27 'RealFeel' FFB Profile

G27 'RealFeel' FFB Profile 0.1

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This profile was created nearly four years ago. Much has changed in R3E since then, which includes a rework of the sim's FFB. To that end, this profile may no long work as intended. I cannot test it myself as I no longer use a G27 for racing. Use at your own risk.

G27 'RealFeel' FFB Profile

This is a controller profile based on the 'RealFeel' settings by JC Spadon, tweaked to work and feel good with the G27. I like these settings, but bear in mind that FFB is always a very personal thing. Uploaded just in case it helps anyone get the most out of this excellent sim. :)


Simply drop the RCS file into "My Documents\My Games\SimBin\RaceRoom Racing Experience\UserData\ControlSet". Start R3E, head to the Controller Profiles menu, and it will show up as 'RMG - G27'.

Note: Remember to check the control assignments! I use a Bodnar cable for my pedals, so you will likely need to reassign your pedals at least.


JC Spadon - for making the original 'RealFeel' profile.

Goffik - That would be me. :)

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Outstanding, cheers for sharing Ross....
It's a lot better then the default, which is all it needs to be :)
does it works with G25 ? thx in advance
UMC 22
The G27 and G25 are very similar wheels, so it's definitely worth a try. :)
Excellent. Thank you for sharing.
Good initiative

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