Gatineau Park

Gatineau Park 0.9

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Hi guys!
This is a National park located in Gatineau, Canada. Just 5min from the capital, Ottawa.
Roughly 40kms of open road.
Many little kinks to iron out but its good enough for now.
Have a good one.
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Latest updates

  1. 0.9

    -Updated tp list -Updated AI spline for online (Assetto Server) -Seasons skins -General bug...
  2. Gatineau park 0.8

    Hi guys! Added: Roads to get to Luskville dragway Finished area around Ski resort Added skins...
  3. 0.4

    Updated textures and emmissive lights. Road are still blurry a bit , reduce mips by 1 in...

Latest reviews

I live in Ottawa and it's a lot of fun to see that this wonderful road is now in AC (and I don't have to contend with bicycles either). I'd love it if some more detail was added. Keep up the good work.
one of my favourite places to cruise and drive fast, anything with 100 to 200hp will make it very fun.
it have every kind of corner, slow, mid high speed, short and very long strainghs goin up and down, tarmac to some dirty road and even a drag strip!
one of the best map creator for AC, your maps are amazin keep up the good work bro <3
Adding road signs, improving road textures and more realistic looking trees would go a long way into improving the visuals. Road flow is really good.
Shaping up very well so far. Textures, shading and some other stuff still need work but im loving it. This is my new 'local favourite'.
We usto race there 15 yrs ago!
Great job but not enough cyclists haha!
Awesome WIP :D Great fun ! Cant wait for the updates :)
This is a great long run. Textures and the rest need some love. Give it enough and and it could rival Canyons for length and fun. Nice job man. Grew up around here too. Hope you will keep it going
5 stars just because I live near by and use to go there often with my motorcycle and my convertible when we had access all the time. I hope you keep working on it to make it closer to reality, but thank you very much for all the efforts and work you already invested in this project and for sharing with us. I never expected in a million years to see this road modded to AC.

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