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Gear Ratio Calculator v1_40 by JJManeschijn 1.4

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Uploaded by request; I did not create this program.

Add, remove, edit ratios in gearbox and final drive with graphic display of gear spread and estimated speed. Little documentation though simple, but not intuitive, to use. Works with GTR, GTR2, and GTL; will work with rfactor but you must change the file extensions to those of GTR2 before editing and rename after editing.

-Navigate to car folder, select hdc file
-Left click on number of gear to highlight, select ratios from drop down list
-Left click outside of selection area to close drop menu
-To add new gear left click on empty space at bottom of list

If just tweaking ratios, the grb file is the only one edited; adding or removing gears also edits the hdc file.

Note - the wheel radius is not automatically read, this is not important if you are inputting real ratios and do not need the estimated speeds displayed. Otherwise open the tire file of that car and get the radius of the driven wheels and manually enter it.

Note 2 - On rare occasions the program will throw an error message when opening an hdc file; if you click "OK" it just throws another message, you'll have to kill it in Task Manager. No idea why this happens, though a couple of times it seemed to be the hdc file and grb file showing a different number of gears.

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