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Grand Prix Legends 1.0

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Welcome to a historic themed addition to Assetto Corsa career mode!

This series uses the Lotus 49 and is based roughly on the 1967 Formula 1 season. It is held around 7 circuits along with correct driver names and liveries to create a classic themed championship. However due to a lack of classic tracks, I've had to use multiple modern ones to improvise.

All AI are named after the drivers of the time e.g. Jackie Stewart, Jack Brabham and each AI has had their skill level adjusted to try and accurately reflect the speed of each driver during the 1967 season.

There are 2 separate career files in this pack. One is for 17 AI cars and the other is for 11. This is so people with less powerful computers are still able to use this career addition. :)

  • Lotus 49 car
  • 7 season structure consisting of Longford, Spa, Imola, Monza, Silverstone, Nurburgring and Monza 66
  • Correct AI driver names with AI driver skill tweaked to match their real life performance
  • Points system of 9,6,4,3,2,1
  • Correct liveries used for the cars
  • Choice of either 17 or 11 AI opponents
  • 100% overall AI difficulty
  • 30 minute practice, 15 minute qualifying and 10 lap race
  • Championship structure
Thank you to Patcha for the fantastic skins that are used. :)

This championship requires the modded track: Longford 67, otherwise the championship will not work. This is available to be downloaded from RaceDepartment at




Latest reviews

Excellent mod, amazing experience and immersion, thanks for the effort man!!!
For those who experience "missing tracks" - you need to edit the event.ini file (under "RACE") in the folders for the events 5, 6 and 7. That's because Kunos renamed the folders for the tracks.

Event 5 (copy this line):

Event 6:

and after that a new line with:

Event 7:

and after that a new line with:
Thank you!

Question: AC Content Manger says that Silverstone is missing. To your mod do not use the ks_silverstone map?

Can you please give a downloadlink, because i do not find the right one.
This is epic mate,and the true successor to GPL.Thank you big time.
Great Career Mod. I hope that modders could bring the GPL tracks to assetto corsa or that a Classic Cars and Tracks show up in the future in a dlc. You should add Monaco in your next update and i think that zandvoort is coming out. Don't give up on tis mod because it has a lot of potencial.
Very nice, hopefully the same as GPL
Nice :)
Many thanks
its a good mod but i cant really play it every time i "try and play" it lags like hell even on lowest quality please make it so you can do like 7 or 9 AI thanks
Tom Michelmore
Tom Michelmore
OK for the next update I'll include a 7 car AI version although all you need to do is go into the Opponents.ini file and remove a few AI drivers. :)
This looks fantastic
Wow, incredibel. Fanstatic work, thanks.
To be honest in AC I drive only the old racing cars Lotus 49,98 and Ferrari 312.
Thank you so much for all you're hard work on this. I still adore GPL. Perhaps this could be the start of GPL 2, Great work.
thanks !!
Great concept mate, thanks.

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