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Great Wall SpeedWay v6

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It is a track that creates a few years ago to rfactor with Bob track builder program (with the demo version so quickly and various xpack containing various objects taken here and there, but never finished) and then I tried to convert for Assetto Corsa.

The track is based on some streets of the city where I live, where in '34 and '35 was really raced (Short historical report in italian). It had to be about 2km, but the inexperience with the programI wrong the reference image size and, therefore, the track has become of 4km. The lack of items such huses for BTB (that it was available recently), I made some small changes to the original layout and has become a real circuit. At the end I abandoned the project but, recently, take it back and start from scratch with Blender.

(Now aviable also for rFactor 2)

- Correct a not working collision mesh in some wall
- Added two DRS Zone
- Change some secondary textures
- added various boundary objects to align the landscape to the version for RF2: Added streetlights around the track, new detalis in the funpark zone, slightly enlarged the trees
- Redo all Fence
- Fixed some other small details

Latest updates

  1. Great Wall Speedway

    After a long break caused by a fault of my PC,I finally managed to fix the last things...
  2. Great Wall

    v5 - 31-01-2016 The biggest work was in optimization. I reduced most of stuttering on my old...

Latest reviews

Merci pour cette piste fantastique ! Le seul problème que j'ai constaté était que les AI ne rentrent pas par la pit_lane pour ravitailler, mais quittent le circuit en plein milieu du circuit ?
I love this track! especially the pit lane with a real pit garage!
I love it to drive out the garage like in real life and i would have more tracks with a real garage like this one!
Amazing track thank you. In VR the landscape around the track is awesome
I love 90-degrees corners with speedy sections and drived hundreds of kilometers on this track. Excellent job!
Awesome track! The scenery is very nice, but the layout is even better! All of my friends like it a lot. We've used it in several championships with great success.
Thank you very much!
very nice, well done!
thank you!
It reminds me a lot of Gran Turismo's original tracks. And that is huge! Congrats and thank you for your efforts!
Great Work!! very NICE
Near perfect. Some high res LOD textures are needed and this track became a simply perfect. Thank you. Good job.
Very nice thanks !!!

Assetto Corsa - SimoG - Track Mod - Great Wall SpeedWay v6 T500RS (4K DSR) (Cockpit-Cam)

Assetto Corsa - SimoG - Track Mod - Great Wall SpeedWay v6 T500RS (4K DSR) (TV-Cam)
@ very nice track . love it to drive there . great details , thanks
Absolutely stunning design, my favourite AC track, maybe one day will be official content, congratulations Simog and thank you very much, all AC users must download this awesome track
5 Stars for you!!! i´´l give you 10 if i can, thank you Simog
Many thanks :)
I usually don't like fantasy tracks but this is really a good work and a very enjoyable track to drive.
many thanks. :-)
sooner or later I'll have way to correct the last
defects remaining.
Very nice job for a first. The only problem I have is some of the walls aren't collision objects and neither is the terrain if you end up going through them you are in "floaty never never land"
I noticed recently and I have already fixed the issue. For now no new release because I'm converting the track to rf2 and I added some items. I would like to release the update together the conversion.

Fun track to drive. Great feel in the FFB from the bumps and dips. Feels alive. And those fun corners and high speed straights. Good track, thank you.
Man, the track looks sweet and I also like the elevated / falling corners and chicanes. However, the whole "great wall" part seems somewhat odd. The straight is so long, the hairpin's got no twist. Don't like that part at all unfortunately.
Very nice track! One of the best mod tracks for AC. High resolution textures. But please fix the flickering of the trees on the hills in the background. This destroys everything!
sorry but for now there is no remedy, it is a problem related as AC manages the transparent textures in the distance. Before version 1.4 of AC was published, it was not there.

The only solution is to remove the forest, and in the archive I included the files and instructions to do it. Hopefully with the 1.5 it come resolved.
5 stars just for being one of a handful of tracks with top quality physics mesh (you should advertise this more!)

perhaps the appearance of trees can be improved in heavy clouds weather? compare to brands hatch, i think yours (and some kunos tracks too) look a bit luminous
Thanks for your feedback.
I will check for sure.

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