GT3 - Turn Signals - McLaren 650 GT3

GT3 - Turn Signals - McLaren 650 GT3 1.1.1

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The motivation for this vehicle extension is again racing on the Nordschleife. With some events on Public-Server, I thought - that one should equip the GT3 class also with turn signals. So I looked at the BMW Z4 GT3 and chose this as the first test object.

NOW here is the third GT3-CAR with tuning Signals!

The modification includes:
- front + rear turn signals

Modification to do:
- Cockpit turnsignal indicator

NOTE: To avoid the problem with the indicators I would recommend to set the indicators in the controller settings to "HOLD".

Follow the folder structure in the zipfile

Buttons can bind under controls -> patch :
- Left turn signal
- Right turn signal
- Hazards

Racing online, works with mod.

NOTE: To make the Signals visible to everyone - the mod must be installed on a server. (such as SOL) But also the players must have this mod installed. Otherwise only you can see the signals!

MORE GT3 Turn Signals:

- BMW Z4 GT3

- Audi R8 LMS 2016

- Mercedes SLS AMG GT3

- Mercedes AMG GT3

- Nissan GTR

- Huracan GT3
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