"GT7Like" PPFilter!

"GT7Like" PPFilter! 2023-06-07

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My first Mod, trying to emulate the GT look in Assetto. Anoying Glare/Bloom and all! I hope you like it!

GT7Like is new version with Logarithmic tonemapping, Legacy its the first version with Sensitometric, both for Pure. Enjoy!


Latest updates

  1. GT7Like PPFilter Fixed lastest Pure

    Give feedback on any issue
  2. Filter is outdated

    , will update when i find how to make script settings properly
  3. GT7Like PPFilter Final 2 (Delete last version)

    Updated for Pure! Rich Summer Skins Recomended. HD Led and Tailights

Latest reviews

Love at first sight through my Quest 3! You nailed the colors and contrast that matches the look of GT7 thru my PSVR2. Thank you!
it was suprisingly good, the only issue i see with this filter is the sky with clear weather for example the sky is way more diffrent then with few clouds or windy like bit too contrasty or bright

with clouds the same

Tested on Pure 1.90, CSP 0.1.80-preview346
The game turns into black screen using Pure or Sol (For some reason there's SOL config inside of .zip??) but your screens and videos are looking hella fine. Made a better tutorial please, it'd be great for everyone else too.
Works great with Pure. With Sol (GT7-Legacy) becoming black screen, even properly installed lua file in Sol_Custom_Config folder
GT7 legacy its not for sol, its for pure too
my game looks far different to what i see in your pictures, can you send csp settings
CSP settings were the ones from C13 Camera Obscura pp filter, thats my bad
Are you sure you said it use pure? From what I check, it only come with sol custom config lua script, not pure script. Using pure script in weather is work fine but no script for pure. Also trying sol in weather script make the daylight or should I say the environment become pitch black. Only car and sun can be seen. Please reply asap.
its for Pure, the sol file its legacy
this filter now is really great, its the best filter I ever tried on assetto corsa, thank you for your work and I hope you will keep it update
When I installed my game turned really dark, I need help but ima add a 5 tsar just because it looks nice in images
Youre using Pure? Lua file should be in sol config eitherway
I'm waiting for updates, the best pp that I've ever tried. Thanks to the author!
After using it for a few days now, I'll leave my thoughts for what can be improved. Overall I quite enjoy the filter, I do think nightime can be a tiny bit darker, overall colour as in warm or cool, I think it needs to be a tad colder, and glare needs to be maybe halved or quartered. Other than that I enjoy it alot and love it!
Yeah, i was looking for that GT7 glare thats a little bit too much, but i think im gonna lower it down, thanks for the Feedback!
FINALLY !!! Not Perfect but really good, i always search this graphics for Assetto
Noo, im still working on the glare, and the new Pure update made it way brighter than it needed, will keep updating it!
very cool. The glare makes it look like the game has been taken with a film camera which gives a nice aesthetic
Best ppfilter out here
I love this filter, it looks really great, but will you make it fully compatible with pure?
It is made for Pure tho, the lua goes to Sol because i started it in SOL but finished it on Pure
loving it!!!! just what i was lookinh for! thx

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