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HAAS Pennzoil Formula 1 - Concept - RSS Formula Hybrid 2022 1.0

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Heyo guys!
Let me present to you my personal HAAS Pennzoil Formula 1 Concept!

What if, after the split from Uralkali, Haas had gotten a very different titlesponsor? Calling onto their good relationship with Ferrari, they get in contact with Shell, and to underline Haas status as "the american team", secure Pennzoil as a new major partner!
As a bonus, this brings yellow back to the grid :D




Because of the Haas logo taking up the entire sidepod, I decided to go with a simple, retro touched, bold yellow bar across the body to hold the Pennzoil branding, giving the team a unique look. Of course the iconic pinstripes are preseant!

The Pennzoil logos present on the car are taken from my personal rebrand project of the company, featurig a simplified but timeless look, focussing on the iconic bell as a standalone symbol.

As in the spirit of the 2022 and 23 seasons, I left as much of the car bare carbon as possible.

This pack includes driver numbers 20, 27 and 47, so it works for 2022 and 23!

A complete custom pitcrew and pitwall are also included!

The liveries are packaged for the S version, but are made to work for both. Just copy over the livery folders!

I hope you like my take on this, enjoy!
Cheers, Leon

If you realy like what I do, please consider getting me a coffe, withe the donation link above :D
Thank you very much!

Big, big Thanks go out to the following screenshot makers:

Bence aka AssettoF1Pics


Also to Rosirl:


And last but not least Rome!

You do NOT have permission to modify and reupload my work!
If you would like to please just ask me.

Get this awesome car here:

Pirelli tyres from @Marco17_ok :
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Latest reviews

Seriously dude, this is amazing!
Thank you very much!
What a work of art have you done as always well done!!!
Thank you very much!
As usual, I'm not a great fan about the "fantasy" skins but as usual, You did an absolutely amazing job on one of the most iconic yellow livery seen on the tracks... CONGRATULATIONS !!!
Thank you very much. ;-)

Don't tell it around you but I'll love to get my hands on the Indy Chaparral done by John Barnard, the first indy wing car in the early 80's.
I never saw it on AC by the way.
Thank you very much! Means a lot reading something like this :D
Very nice concept!
Thank you very much!

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