Haas RT #21 | 2023 Hankook Middle East Trophy

Haas RT #21 | 2023 Hankook Middle East Trophy 1.2

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2023 Hankook Middle East Trophy
24H Dubai
6H Abu Dhabi
Haas RT #21
RSS Aero V10 Evo2
20240129-154648-nothing to see.png
20240129-154842-nothing to see.png

I started this livery about a year ago for a private car mod, and now im finally able to present it to the public!
And again 99% of all stickers, decals and sponsors were made from scratch and because of that id appreciate some feedback for the livery : )

24H Dubai

20240129-153952-nothing to see.png

20240129-154238-nothing to see.png

20240129-154142-nothing to see.png

6H Abu Dhabi
20240129-152133-nothing to see.png

20240129-153008-nothing to see.png

20240129-153331-nothing to see.png

Driver Skin

I will be adding the 12H Mugello, 12H Spa, 12H Monza, 12H Estoril, 24H Barcelona and Gulf 12H Versions soon aswell.

Tyres - @MEDIIZA Designs
Reference and Help - @HaasRT
Gloves - @Hoksu

CSP 1.76+ is required for the extensions to work
(Extensions are removable!)

Enjoy : )

Latest updates

  1. 1.2 (Improved Matte Finish)

    - Improved Matte finish via CSP Carpaint - Further Skin Map adjustments
  2. 1.1

    Added 6H Abu Dhabi Version Added Driver and Helmet Skin Added more Details (Tearoff Logos...

Latest reviews

Love it!
Nice, btw what is your csp setting and ppf
Another finnbot banger
awesome work! 10/10
Absolutely love it. Thank you!
Mega job Finn!
wtf you made a killer job with those decals
6 stars,
...for sure one of the best art cars for AC - 10 of possible 5 stars!!!...
Amazing skin as always!
Absolute killer Finn! Really appreciate the amount of detail you put into this one!
thanks : )
Extraordinary livery once again, goat!

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