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Heartland Park Topeka 1.03

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Trackconversion of Heartland Topeka, by Ethone.

"Originally created for rF1 and converted with added rF2 features.

The track was suggested at RSC when that forum was still alive and I liked the layout despite it being pretty much just a regional US track that at its heyday was used by the SCCA for their runoffs and had a few NASCAR Truck races. Those who suggested the track helped during the building process and made it a very enjoyable project to have worked on. This conversion with the added features is for them.
[The excellent cameramen and non-ISI marshals you see were created and shared by Gilles Benoit back in the rF1 days]"

Latest updates

  1. Update to 1.03

    Changelog: - Fixed a small naming issue with the Full layout - Fixed a cut track detection issue...

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