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Hong Kong 0.5 Trackcams UPDATE 1.0

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  1. Hong Kong 0.5 Trackcams UPDATE 1.0

    Sorry for the previous upload...Update 1.0: ------add new Tv set------- ------add Static cams &...

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Just wow. This is a contender for the most beautiful track I've ever driven. The detail of the city is amazing. Absolute props to the creator.
Now if he could just find a way to close the loop and make this a circuit, I don't think I'd need another track ever again :D
Hello dodz27. Simply fantastic. Very beautiful this track. Thank you!
Thank you! This is one of my favorite tracks and your cameras match it perfectly.
good job, i love looking at replays and this is perfect
Thank you so much.
great job, this track was begging for cameras
thanks for rating mate

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