HungaroringACC TreeFX

HungaroringACC TreeFX 0.79

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Hello everyone,

this is a TreeFX for the updated HungaroringACC (should be fine with the original HungaroringACC, too - but NOT for acu_hungaroring!). I've taken looks into onboards, google street view and even Drive To Survive to get a feel for the flora at Hungaroring. I planted nearly 5000 trees.





!You need the updated HungaroringACC "ts_hungaroringACCv03" first. Search for ""!
!I highly recommend to create a BACKUP of the original files before installing!

!Please install manually!
!Choose the amount of trees in the downloaded "HungaroringACC TreeFX"-zip and copy the "content"-folder into the assettocorsa-rootfolder!

You need CSP 1.79 or higher to use the Tree FX feature.

Enjoy guys, any feedback is appreciated & needed!

Improvement Goals:

1. My observation of the flora at the Hungaroring: I need 3D Models of Willows and Maples, too to get close to it. If you can provide a functioning model I'll implement it, where they belong.
2. Maybe I have to take another look into the colors. It's pretty dark, mainly because of the onboards I've watched, I guess.
3. I AO baked the trees, but I wasn't satisfied by the results (FPS Loss & LOD problems with popping trees). So for now it's without AO Bakery until I see the advantages.

Latest reviews

I tried with Fenryr's version and the only issue I had was that it kept both the 3d trees and the 2d ones. If anyone knows how to disable the 2d ones, I appreciate it.
I tried as @Quark67 suggested for Fynryr version and it does work, however it causes some issues. Things flash funny on the track... For example, drive down pit lane and several of the bays are flashing. Then, I forget which turn, but some of the billboards were flashing funny and almost looked like a mix of different billboards. Trees look great, but it messes up other stuff for some reason.
It also fits of Fenryr version, just edit ext_config.ini

FILE= fn_hungaroring.kn5
HIDE= A_NEW.003, B.001, B.005, C.004, D.004, F.004, G.004, H.004, I.004, J.001, J.004, K.004, L.004, treeline_01, treeline_02, newwall.002, newwall2.002

LIST_0 =trees.txt
Thank you for this!
great mod, ads a lot for the generall overlook, ps, I was lived next to this track, pretty decent!

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