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IMSA WeatherTech Ferrari 488 GT3 #63 2018 Final

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WeatherTech Ferrari GT3 IMSA entry 2018 driven by Cooper MacNeil and Alessandro Balzan

For those with older or not powerful systems there are folders with 4096x4096 or 2048x2048 .dds files.
Just copy paste the required into the WeatherTech_IMSA_#63 folder, overwriting the one in there

Latest updates

  1. IMSA WeatherTech Ferrafi 488 GT3 #63 2018 Final

    Figured out the problem that prevented the 8k skin, preview and livery showing in AC Launcher...
  2. IMSA WeatherTech Ferrafi 488 GT3 #63 2018 reupload to a few having problems

    Re-upload as a few people are having problems getting the skin to show. This is direct from my...
  3. WeatherTech_IMSA_#63_Ferrari488GT3_V1.2

    Thanks to mrleman for a photo showing Mid-Ohio update. Under nose now black and splaying out...

Latest reviews

ottime come tutte le tue skin!
very nice, thank you
Oh yeah!! Thanks for the quick fix; it's all up and running like a champ!! (:
I'm gonna try V1.1 see how that works if it does maybe I'll overwrite w/ V1.2.1. Yeah the reviews were all good I didn't want to post my small issue lol I'm sure it'll get sorted thanks for the quick response! (:
Chris 576
Chris 576
Should all be sorted now mate, finally figured out the problem.
Thx for your patience
nice skin you should maybe check your title for spelling tho ;p
Chris 576
Chris 576
Lo, ta
NOT work, you have a PB on Compil on Skin_00. Use DXT5 and DDS. And your prewieu not work
Chris 576
Chris 576
Should all be sorted now, finally figured out the problem.
It was saved in the correct format, just a naming issue on something else prevented it working for some reason
Thx for your patience
Awesome work! Sadly for some reason it's coming up as N/A and not working. Tried all resolutions but no luck , any ideas? Am I doing something wrong? Folder and all files are under the (KS) 488 GT3 skin.
Chris 576
Chris 576
I'll re upload it mate, a couple of people have said this but haven't a clue as to why.
Nice Skin, Thank You!!!
Thanks a lot, great job!
Excellent. Thank you
Great and quality work!
Chris 576
Chris 576
Updated to black undernose
Great job ! many thanks
Thanks, nice skin.

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Chris 576
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