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Inde Motorsports Ranch 1.0

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Inde has multiple hills with a 200 foot elevation difference.
You can race, explorer the paddock or leave the track and blast out in the desert roads of Arizona.
Though Inde has multiple configurations I based this one on the one my race series used to race on. The track was never built for Pro racing so it doesn't have an official pitroad. This track is limited to 15 pitstalls max.
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Latest reviews

Oh man, I was so excited to see this pop up. A bunch of us have been asking for this track for a number of years so a big huge "Thank you!" I really enjoyed the ability to free roam as I've spent a few days down there and seeing the little details you included brought a smile to my face. Just need the aircraft. The driving feels good. Close enough in spots to fool you into thinking you're there. Accurate enough to use marks I use in real life. There were only a couple spots that seemed a bit off. I think it's just the distance between a corner or elevation change being a tad bit off. Hoping to see the other configs sometime down the road. Great work!
thx bud. elevation is a bitch to match when track building. at some point i will revise this track and add the other layouts but going off memory and videos I tend to miss the nuances so any I'm open to any tips on what to improve.
I also have WHP Main but havent posted yet. I think its ready to go however, back in the day we used to do a night event out there so I have the working lights, rain, ect. all these AZ tracks are tricky in the fact i have to build every building from scratch.

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