IndyCar 2014 Skinpack Dallara DW12

IndyCar 2014 Skinpack Dallara DW12 Version 1.65

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Indy 2014 skin pack add on for ISI "Dallara DW12 Indy car" V1.65

Indycar2014 rfcmp (Skin pack)

Indy0.jpg Indy1.JPG Indy2.jpg Indy3.jpg Indy0.jpg Indy1.JPG Indy2.jpg Indy3.jpg

Contains 2 original skins from the ISI base DW12 package and additonal skins
by Boxer & Michael Peters

Latest reviews

Still excellent!!!! MOST excellent!!!
Took forever to get this, and got an amazing product.
Insanely good and not showing its age AT ALL.
After loving the Dallara IR18 DLC, I went back to the DW12 - which remains great - and was saddened by the base skins... and bam, someone gave the link to these and they are brilliant! Personally, I definitively believe that the should get the new icons and be republished on the Steam Workshop...
Still working perfectly in 2021, great quality!
Fantastico y GRACIAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Awesome mod, thx!
Um can someone explain to me how to install it
Do you need a different mod to use this? if so, where can i find it?
thanks, much appreciated
  • Deleted member
  • 5.00 star(s)
  • Version: Version 1.65
How can I give anything less than 5 stars? This was a huge task that was gallantly completed by boxer. Now it comes as its own standalone. Thank you, again.
Thankyou for updating this awesome skin pack
Amazing work, thank you!
Thank You! Great work.
This Skinpack keeps my busy racing rF2 and let me enjoy the DW12 at a whole new level!
Great work. This is perfect for true immersion while racing.
Amazing skinpack. Thank you boxer for the time you have put into this!
Thank you good work ;)
Superb, great work on every aspect, skins themselves the packaging and the instructions. Thankyou.
Great packaging and high quality skins. Nicely done!

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