INDYCAR IR18 2023 MOD! 2.0

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Version 2.0 is out!

Just in time for the Indy500 we present to you the biggest update to the IndyCar mod!

- Full IndyCar 2023 grid with teams & drivers ironed out to provide the best racing possible!
- Unparalleled authenticity
- Over 60 liveries distributed between the 4 racing specs
- 3 different steering wheels to match current teams (more to come!)
- Rookie designation (yellow rear)
- Specific 2023 aero/body for Road/Oval/Short Oval/Short
- Guayule Tires for Street Tracks (needs to be manually installed via texture replacement)
- Revisions/Upgrades to the model (camera pod, nose cam, etc.)
- Reworked Push-to-Pass system - updated to push-and-hold (previously was a shots system)
- How it works:
- 200 Seconds Per Race
- 20 Seconds Per Lap Max
- Disabled in 1st Lap
- Race Only
- P2P LED's *light up only when reaching overdrive due to game limitation
- Reworked physics for Road version based on feedback
- Short Oval 2023 Spec featuring the newly introduced Alternates (Firestone Reds)
- Custom MY TEAM car entry. Race against the 2023 grid in your own custom team!!!
- Livery Overrides and instructions provided

The Greatest Spectacle In Racing comes to Automobilista 2!!


- 2023 spec changes (new side gurneys, new driver protection)
- Qualy spec (boost up to 1.4 vs 1.3 in races - extra power also available in practice)
- Indy 500 drivers: Katherine Legge, Tony Kanaan, Stefan Wilson, and others join the grid.
- Special Firestone Indy 500 Tires (2 sided)
- Indy 500 physics and setup. Many hours were put into making this an amazing and authentic drive. Special thanks to @666Scar for putting the extra effort!

So many people put hours of hard work into making this a very special release.
KAOS Modding Team
Leo Rock

And anyone who one way or another made it possible!


To install car mods in AMS2 follow these instructions

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    Just in time for the Indy500 we present to you the biggest update to the IndyCar mod...
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Latest reviews

This makes me happy
This mod is fantastic, the best AMS2 mod.
I have a problem with the sound of the cars, there is no sound from the engines. Can someone help me?
What a fantastic mod!
Not only do you get the entire field, the cars are beautifully modeled and drive really well. Each team is represented, as are the liveries. A simple matter of adding these via the Content Manager.
I also tested it in VR and can confirm that it works flawlessly. And since the halo's front support beam kinda gets in the way of the view, racing in VR makes it so much easier/natural to see beyond it, just as one would driving these cars. Top marks for a top job.
I've had this Mod since the cool guys at KAOS have put it out even before 2.0. It's been a little while and I was here looking for maybe an update from 2.0. Seems now I have messed up sound after Steam updates? The sound is jacked up overall and instead of a crew man out from the pit it's a stack of orange blaze boxes shaped like a cross but moving maybe like the crew man moved. LOL
The sound along with blaze orange cube shaped objects seems to be present with all Mods I have so I removed the Mods except for skin liveries and I'll just play the Fake Indy IR and some of the older F1
Even my GT Mods have jacked up sound, it's like having almost no sound but it's all distorted and mixed signals and low volume along with orange Boxes for crew
However this IR18 Road course works real well in PC2
I was so disappointed when this guy didn't afford us the Oval version 2.0 when he finished it.
The only thing do far that works best in AMS2 is their validated DLCs
KAOS & the guys there are however really a great group of guys who have put out some impressive work! Thank you.
There are fixes for the sound and pitcrew issues that were introduced by recent game updates - see my replies to the review directly before yours, and the Discussion thread on the mod, and the Reiza forums and various Discord servers. A mod update to incorporate the fixes is being worked on. Three stars though?? Tough crowd
le doy 5 estrellas cuando solucionen el problema que en los box los mecanicos salen como T ROJAS y ademas los neumaticos no los cambian y se queda el auto quieto ahi. si alguien sabe la solucion pliss!!!
Hi Guys,
need urgent help... The last 2 weeks the mod worked fine. But today suddenly the pitcrew turned into some strange red "T"s... Using other cars, the pitcrew looks normally... I have uninstalled and installed the mod twice today, but without any positive effect...
Any ideas how to fix this?
I absolutely adore this mod. I hope the mod dev uploads a version with the sound patch already applied. (I've had to patch it manually a couple times, it's simple enough, but it would be awesome if it worked out of the box) Id also love to see the 2024 liveries created at some point!
A truly surreal, and astonishing experience. It’s what i always hoped the F1 games would be.

I keep trying AMS2 but often feel underwhelmed with the Formula Ultimate cars. Then I tried this mod.

The sounds are unreal. The wind. The drivetrain whining. The thunk of the gears. Bliss.

The physics are what I imagine a car like this would be, leaving me feeling like I’m actually in the car. I haven’t experienced this level immersion in some time.

After struggling on Interlagos GP I jumped into Curvelo Short, Brazil for something simpler. Then tried 7pm, dusk. Like a kid, literally laughed with excitement. One of the best VR experiences I’ve ever had.

Such great work from the team. Off to find where to donate money now, because this is better than most DLC I pay for.

If you’re having issues installing this, which I did too. These 4 steps will get you going:

1. Install AMSCM, a simple content manager for AMS2
2. Download this mod + the Thunderflash sound fix for engine sounds from here
3. Start AMSCM and drag both of these archives into its window AS IS.
4. Hit Apply

nice cars great sound.thanks for the work
It is incredibly awesome. I do not compare things across sims often, but this one feels like the official IR18 DLC for rF2.
Um MOD de autoria profissional, sem palavras para descrever isso. Só uma questão " Quando faço a instalação do MOD ele não tem som! Alguem pode ajudar?!
Just copy the .rar to AMS2 CM and Install. Then get the audio fix from the link below and copy it to AMS2 CM and install...then sound works. Great Mod!

Link posted by Author Luijo:
See here:
now that the sound is fixed i can safely say this is the best indycar experience you can currently get in simracing as far as i'm aware
Perfect mod , but no motor sounds except wind and tires on the tracks . A new version could correct this problem? Thanks.
first of all thx for these wonderful liveries,but i still have the sound problem,no motor sounds except wind and tires on the tracks ,but no motors any ideas ?? thx a lot ...
Mod is one of the best of all time, but I have the same problem: no engine audio (some soft background or wind noise may still be audible). Could it be due to recent AMS2 update?
V1.0 was amazing! I just switched to the V2.0 and I don't have any sound anymore. Seems like others are having the same issue. Anyone know how to fix it?
sound engine my mod not working the game
Can someone help me????
Simply top your work. My problem is I can't see the pilots in the vehicle
This is so much fun and a breeze to install with AMS2 CM. Does anyone have a setup/tips to get competitive with the ai at Indy?

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