Inter Europol Competition - Gibson - RSS Formula Hybrid 2023

Inter Europol Competition - Gibson - RSS Formula Hybrid 2023 1.01

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Information -
What if the 2023 Le Mans LMP2 winners went to F1?

This skin pack is two versions of my interpretation of the Inter Europol Competition team from Poland, drawing from their LMP2 and LMP3 machines in the past number of years.
This skin comes with car numbers #150 and #191 for the RSS Formula Hybrid 2023 mod for Assetto Corsa. The numbers are in triple digits to avoid clashes with other cars you may download.

It is intended either as a team to race in yourself or as a filler team for your game.

The pack features two highly detailed cars with logos, textures, Pirelli tire textures, wheel hubs, seat belts, driver & pit crew textures. The cars are differentiated from each other by their numbers and the black and yellow finish on parts of the cars.

You will need to add your own helmet and driver name, just the default helmet is provided with a logo for the glass visor to enable you to add them to your own helmet designs. This has been done to allow you maximum flexibility.


Installation -

Simply copy the 'content' folder from the folder to:


Thanks in particular go to -

RSS for making an amazing car, and in particular RSS member CC for his advice!

michael-doherty.221632 for his fantastic driver suit and gloves, crew helmet, suit and gloves and pit board templates!

soldier93 for the Pirelli tyres!

Copright Disclaimer:

All rights belong to their respective owners.

This mod is intended ONLY for personal and NOT commercial use.

ASK PERMISSION to use of any of my work.
Use of any content from this package for your own work without permission is FORBIDDEN.

If there are any bugs or problems, you can contact me anytime on
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Latest updates

  1. Minor glitch, wrong skin number on crew tent

    Minor glitch, wrong skin number on crew tent

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