Interlagos track update

Interlagos track update 2.0

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Hello everyone,
Today I bring you another track update. This time it is Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace, most commonly known as Interlagos.

This mod updates all sponsorship boards around the track as well as brake boards and few else small details


How to install the mod?
- First of all, make sure to backup your game files before changing anything. then after downloading mod, unzip the files and place files inside of the folder to the matching folders in your F1 game file. That's it.

f1_2012 2023-08-19 11-34-37-60.jpg

f1_2012 2023-08-19 11-34-40-14.jpg

f1_2012 2023-08-19 11-34-42-38.jpg
f1_2012 2023-08-19 11-36-01-24.jpg
f1_2012 2023-08-19 11-36-21-27.jpg
f1_2012 2023-08-19 11-37-01-76.jpg

Hope you like it and let me know what do you think ;)

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Great work. Finally better track to look at

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