ISI EVE Historics 1986

ISI EVE Historics 1986 1.49

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The EVE F1, F2 and F3 cars are a generic car of the specifications found in historic Grand Prix cars, and are similar in construction to the Matra cars of the late 1960′s which often led the way in the lower formulas, and were copied by many other teams at the time.

Matra were a competitive make thanks to the efforts of a young Ken Tyrrell and pilot, Jackie Stewart. The 1968 MS10 took Stewart very close an F1 World Championship that year, and in F2/F3 the MS5 also saw considerable success.

As these cars produce either little to no downforce (and sometimes even trace amounts of lift), you brake with a firm but almost constant pressure leading into a corner, easing off only at the onset of a lock-up or as you prepare to apply steering lock. You begin entry by turning the steering wheel, then when you do, the rear of the car begins to step out. At this point, the car is actually driven by your foot, not by your hands. The steering should be almost straight, only moving to correct the car if needed, while you use the throttle pedal to actually turn the car, using the lack of grip in the rear to your advantage.

Although the F2 and F3-spec cars are lower powered, it is very easy to apply too much power. Be smooth with your inputs both in steering and on the pedals.

We have five configurations of EVE cars, and as this was the early days of experimentation with downforce, it is essentially an array of wing options on the F1 cars, then the lesser powered F2 and F3 cars.

From left to right is: EVE F1 68, F1B 68, F1C 68, F2 MS7 and F3 MS5.

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