Isle Of Man Enhanced Graphics Version (Isle_Of_Man_EGV)

Isle Of Man Enhanced Graphics Version (Isle_Of_Man_EGV) 1

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Isle Of Man Enhanced Graphics Version (Isle_Of_Man_EGV)
by Luthobu 2023



Isle Of Man Enhanced Graphics Version (Isle_Of_Man_EGV) is an
attempt to improve the "BenMK1/Lucas" community version of the
Isle of Man track. (see the included ReadMe files).

Graphics & Textures
Most all of the textures have been redone, replaced or removed
in order to create an enhanced and harmonized graphics version.

Harmonization of colors, color ranges and color scales have
been of great importance in order to balance the visuals and
remove stress and strain from the eyes during races.

The textures have been optimized with light and shadow
effects in order to enhance the feeling of volume.

Vegetation is more varied and now has a slightly vibrant effect.

Fake shadows have been added to some buildings, vehicles, and
other models that benefit from it visually, which creates an
illusion of volume, space and depth.

Vital road markers have been enhanced and brightened so the
driver notices them as soon as they come into view, which is
a must at very high speeds.

An updated loading screen has also been added to reflect the
difference between the "original" track and the EGV.

Track and Models

Several changes have been made to the *.trk and *.gdb files.
Several models have been removed and attributes have been changed.

The animated sun has been removed.
The animated moon has been removed.
The animated helicopters have been removed.
The animated chemtrails have been removed.
Crowd and announcer sounds have been removed.
The pit starter garage is now CollTarget=True.

No modifications have been made to any of the track meshes/models as that would be an entirely different project, so the default flaws in the track construction remain. The most offensive models have however been removed.


The EGV is a modification of the community version of the IsleOfMan track for GTR2/Race07 and as such does not reflect the reality of theenvironment of the Isle of Man (as does the beautiful "JRPearson" track

It is simply an attempt to make the community track look more visually appealing, and to clarify and improve the route as much as possible.


Credits go to the original creator(s) of the community version of the IsleOfMan track, BenMK1 and Lucas, as they are listed as the original creators.
(See the included ReadMe files).

All I take credit for is taking the time to unify and beautify the track.

/Luthobu 18-08-2023

Latest updates

  1. Isle Of Man EGV v2

    Fixed lighting problems Fixed road textures Fixed roadside textures Download here: Isle Of Man...

Latest reviews

Hello, i was looking for this track and was so disapointed when i saw the rear mirror bug.
as it is its not playable, take a good look at the rearview mirrors in cockpit view.
i know many players dont use the cockpit view and this bug could have a workaround by using virtual mirrors, but i dont like the virtual mirrors at all.
as for the track, its really good and the enhanced grafics are great, welldone mate !
Hi Sil. I am not responsible for creating the track. If you read the documentation, as is mandatory, you would see that I only fixed the track itself, and added/changed textures. The mirror bug is not my concern. Thanks for the heads up! :)
Good work! I only had a beta version of this track, and I no longer hoped to see it completely finished.
Thank you. I really love this track and dreamed of a balanced and streamlined version.. so this is my vision of how it should be.

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