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James Hunt Driver suit & gloves for RC1 1.0 FINAL

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I was just having a blast around Brands-Hatch in a Hunt vs Lauda battle when I noticed my James wasn't wearing his driversuit anymore. It needed updating to the latest driver model so here it is to share. I have just re-done the suit and gloves. The Helmet was originally supplied by author Chris Mathews and is included with the car still available here at racedepartment. I have included the helmet with the suit just for convenience.

Welcome back James.........have fun.

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Perfect for the recently released McLaren M23.Thanks!
It certainly is, I can't stop racing this against Lauda's Ferrari 312T in head to head battles. Great fun.
Good Man,Great Work As Always,Thanks.
You just keep them throwing at us...these wonderful suits :-) Thanks for all your efforts!
Thanks mate, this was one of my suits for myself. Hadn't raced the car in ages so I'd forgotten about the driver suit change. Had to convert it straight away and I thought might aswel share it.

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