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I felt like tackling a small project this weekend. Really get back to my roots, build something as fast as I built the Reliant Robin 10 years ago. So this is a JDM Albizia done quick. Less than 72 hours have elapsed since I started the project.

What is it?
JDM is a French manufacturer of "avec ou sans permis" cars, those that can be driven with or without a valid driver's license in France. In some other countries they only need a written tested license and can be driven by people under 16. In this case it has a 5 horsepower 2 cylinder engine through a CVT powering the front wheels. The weight limit of this category is 350kg and speed limit is 45km/h.

Because of the CVT this uses Custom Shaders Patch so you'll need that installed. Operating the CVT is simple; shift into 1 or R and use the gas pedal to accelerate. As far as I know, no clutch pedal on these irl, you can only shift while stopped. Custom Shaders Patch also applies the lights since this has no separate objects or materials.

Additionally, there's an S1 version with a Hayabusa engine/transmission because why not. That one can go over 200km/h and is extremely sketchy. The base version can't climb 20% inclines, but is quite safe to drive.

Extract the 7zip to your assettocorsa/content/cars folder.
Both versions require Custom Shaders Patch.

Stereo: model, textures, physics
Kunos: soundbanks (Abarth 595 for base, Lotus Exos for s1)

A few times people have offered me small amounts of money to build a car. If you genuinely want to spend less and get less, then I can probably be convinced to do cars at this detail level for about $100 US. Only requirements would be that photos of front/side/rear are available (+ 3/4 views front & back ideally, and interior if you want any) and then, you know, no warrantee express or implied, you get what you get, public release. I retain all rights to the model. I don't know, maybe there are some cars that never get into videogames that this would be a reasonable offer for. Get in my DMs, as they say.

Latest reviews

Great little thing. Might try to do a quick project like this myself
I think it's lovely, and the graphics are a brilliant idea that adds attractiveness. And then of course the characteristics of the Hayabusa powered one, pretty like a FWD rally car but in pocket size... well done! Honestly I hoped the moped variant could do some more on steep climbs... I have a 5.5 HP Renault Twizy 45 in real life and, despite 130 kg more, it climbs and accelerates quicker... but your JDM is funny anyway

I hope you like my video-review in Montecarlo: https://youtu.be/Y1kSEExCvQo
Me: mom can we have a JDM car?
Mom: we have a JDM car at home
JDM car at home:
best car in the world

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