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Jerez - Modern Version 1.0

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Just for I do not play "classics" I decided to give Jerez a "modern" feel.

Apart from adding up-to-date advertising logos I have decided to tidy up the track edges with more grass and less dirt. Also remove the stone wall texture with a metal barrier version. Track tyre walls and rumble strips are now red and white. Flags have been slightly changed and the balloons are now "Spanish colured".





A FIA truck now sits at the pit straight ready to pounce on the people getting a lift home......


As I said this is just some fun for me and maybe one or two of you. If you enjoy it, then great, if it ain't your cup-of-tea then that is cool and I hope you enjoy all the great mods people are making.

Have fun

Jim (Reddvers)

(ps. if any one is able to make a video that would be really appreciated as I don't have the tech)

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Could you do something similar with the other classic tracks? If we could have a modern Imola, Estoril and Brands Hatch that would be amazing.
Simply improves the feel of the track in relation to the 2013 calendar.

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