John Player Special Livery for the Mazda 787B

John Player Special Livery for the Mazda 787B 1.1

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Here goes my second skin for the wonderful Mazda 787B. This time I chose to do the iconic John Player Special Livery that was used on Ayrton Senna's Lotus. Tried to do that beautiful piece of work as much justice as I could within my newbie skill level. Hope it Turned out good and I didn't mess it up too bad. :D

Thanks to andrea_gi for helping me with the gloss maps for the skin since I had no clue how it was done. Will be updated once I make the helmet and suits, Another thanks to TTM75 for making the wonderful Ayrton Senna suits being used currently till I make my own. :)

EDIT (Kinda Important) -
Updated the skin's pinstripes and sponsors color to match the real world color thanks to people pointing it out. :D

Now there are two versions of skins in the pack -
1. John Player Special 1 is my version that resembles the whiskey bottle colors more than the real life car
2. John Player Special 2 which is the real life color resembling solid metal gold than my gold tinsel colored version 1.

So you will have the choice to be a colorful cheery drunk or serious real world guy depending on the mood. :p

So please remove v1.0 before installing v1.1 into your skins folder.

Some screenshots of the skin in action -







JPS 2 for comparision

1. Download the package and you will get a John_Player_Special pack.rar file
2. Unzip it using WinRAR, WinZip, 7-Zip or such program and you will get 2 folders by the name of "John_Player_Special_1 and 2"
3. Take the folders and place it in your "SteamLibrary\SteamApps\common\assettocorsa\content\cars\mazda_787b\skins" folder or where ever your 787B skins folder is located.
4. Enjoy

Hope you guys like the skins. ^-^

Latest updates

  1. Skin update + Helmet

    Updated the skin's pinstripes and sponsors color to match the real world color thanks to people...

Latest reviews

Quality classic skin. Thanks mate.
This livery suits this car well. Great job. Thank you :)
Owh man, this skin very cool :D
Excellent job .thanks mate !
The lines of the car are really impressive, I presume this was a hell of a work as I painted the car myself too :-)
Top quality, you're a very talented skinner!!
Man oh Man, What a skin you made here. I think it is my favorite right now! Thanks so much.......................=)
Thanks a lot, glad you like it that much ^-^

And the quality shall be increased from the next skin onwards, both my 787B skins are the smaller performance friendly 2k variety and I recently learned from andrea that the spec maps don't like the smaller size of those, so will be upping the size to 4k but not gonna be going all the way to 8k as that is a bit overkill unless you are looking at the car from practically licking distance (also I don't want people to see all my inevitable horrible mistakes in glorious 8k). :P

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