Jordan Grand Prix 1999 [COMMISSION] - Full MyTeam Package

Jordan Grand Prix 1999 [COMMISSION] - Full MyTeam Package 2022-07-19

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Jordan Grand Prix returning to Formula 1 with their classic 1999 Hornet livery. This Full MyTeam Package was commissioned, which is why some classic sponsors were replaced by some modern ones.

This package was made in collaboration with @MarkFelixDesigns , so big thanks to him for the help!


Included in this mod:
- Custom Livery
- Custom Halo Sticker
- Custom Emblem
- Custom Driver Suit, Helmet, Cap, Gloves and Boots
- Custom Racecrew, Pitcrew, Pitstop Gantry and Umbrella
- Custom Driver Numbers: #2, #7, #9, #19, #27 and #34
- Custom Mugen-Honda Engine Supplier Logo
- Custom Monitor screen
- Custom RnD Area ( Thanks to @MarkFelixDesigns )
- Jordan styled Piastri helmet

Custom Driver Numbers
Is your driver number not included in this mod package? Reach out to me on Discord and let me know which number you would like in the package. After that I will include that number in the next update!


Halo Sticker
This mod includes a Custom Halo Sticker. It replaces the sticker with the team radio audio waves, called: Wavelength.

How to setup the emblem?
The first emblem you will see, at the top left of the selection screen, will be the Andretti logo.
To get the correct colors, select these color codes:


- Garage Boards [Free Exclusive] - Made by myself :)

Do NOT reupload this mod anywhere!
You ARE allowed to use this mod in video's and/or streams, but please link it in the description!


If you need help with installation, want to ask questions, want exclusive mods or just want to be part of a great modding community, join our Discord.

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Latest reviews

Way to bring back the 90s of F1
Amazing livery!
Idk if there is in program a Tobacco-free version, but still, my favorite livery to use in F1 22, thank you!
Absolute brilliant livery and a donation from me in thanks, keep up the great work!
Such an iconic car f***king brilliant!
Man, you are good!.....Your skin mods for this game are Outstanding!.....Thanks again
Saying it's AMAZING it's not enough! Shame I've the EGO dumper error for all those weeks. because i'd love to try this beauty! :D
  • Deleted member
  • 5.00 star(s)
  • Version: 2022-07-19

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