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Kartodromo Cacador SC beta 1.0

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Kartodromo feito no Bons track Builder. Feito totalmente através de videos e fotos, se tiver alguém de cacador com fotos e que queira ajudar me envia uma MP.


Extensão: 1050 metros
Largura: 8 metros
Curvas: 15 (9 para a esquerda e 6 para a direita)
Sentido: Anti-horário
Nome oficial: Kartódromo Tutas Olsen – homenagem a um kartista local, falecido em um acidente de trânsito nos anos 80

Se gostarem da pista e quiserem converter para outros simuladores tem a minha permissão.


Google Translate:
Kartodromo made in Bobs Track Builder. Made entirely through videos and photos, if you have someone from the town of Cacador with photos and want to help send me a PM.


Length: 1050 meters
Width: 8 meters
Curves: 15 (9 and 6 to left to right)
Direction: Anti-clockwise
Official name: Karting Tutas Olsen - named after a local kartista, who died in a traffic accident in 80 years

If they like the track and want to convert to other simulators have my permission.


Latest reviews

Layout is nice and it drives well but with the generic grandstands and nothing else to tell you where this is, it feels a bit soulless. If 3DSimEd worked with GSCE I would immediately delete the frozen 2D spectators (a pet peeve of mine) and this would improve it somewhat. Nonetheless a nice job and thank you for posting it.
rodrigo cascaes
Thanks for tour review this is my very first track. I AM learning about 3d modelling and maybe in future i will put more realistic scenario on it.

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