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Kyalami 2000 new mesh v1.2

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Copy files: Steam\SteamApps\common\assettocorsa\content\tracks\kyalami_2000

Track is here:

Latest updates

  1. Kyalami 2000 new mesh v1.2

    Remove objects in the grass that made the car jump Add VAO and GrassFX for AC Custom Shaders

Latest reviews

Thanx for sharing this track. Keep amazing work
Much better than the original mesh, thank you.
Great work, thanks!
much improved. Thank you
Essential add-on. Cheers!
(the new one that Rowan mentions below should hit beta in two days, apparently).
Masterclass, smoothed out the major bumpies but left a just enough unevenness to remain authentic.
For those that are interested there is a brand new scratch built Kyalami, with the latest layout and longer main straight, in the pipeline for AC.
Don't know when it will be released but you can follow the step by step progress here:

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