La Dehesa (version GTR2)

La Dehesa (version GTR2) 1.0

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La Dehesa

Conversion from rFactor for GTR2/GTL/Race 07 by Sergio Hundo

04 different layouts (Long, East, West, Sprint and another 24H mode, which uses the same layout as the long circuit).

I don't got to contact with entrevias, the original author for rFactor version. In the main folder of this track there is Read Me file, but no contact. So I first want to thank to entrevias for creating this awesome track. I leave all the credits to him for doing a great job on this track. We thank you for this great job! Congratulations ! I made some inclusions of various objects in this track. I hope you like it and have fun.

I didn't find any problems on this track, it runs very well for me, but if anyone finds any problems, let me know.

The track was converted and tested with the original specialfx.tec file from GTR2/GTL/Race 07. Therefore, there is no problem with this file. You can use the original game file.

When the original creator of the track identifying this conversion to GTR2 and request their removal from any website hosted by me, this will be done immediately, therefore, hosting on another website without my knowledge is not allowed.

The purpose of all this is to provide entertainment, without any financial or commercial return. Have fun ! This is enough.

Unzip rar file with Winrar or similar program and paste in Location folder in GTR2. Enjoy !!!

Sergio Hundo




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