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VAZ-2101 "Zhiguli" is a Soviet compact sedan (small class, passenger car, rear-wheel drive). The first model was produced by the Volga Automobile Plant (Avto VAZ) and made its way to the market in 1970. The name "Zhiguli", proposed by designer A.M.

Cherny and approved in early 1967, came from the local Zhiguli Mountains — a hill on the right bank of the Volga opposite the city of Togliatti, in which the car was produced.

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In 1966, the general agreement between the Italian company Fiat and Vneshtorg on scientific and technical cooperation in building passenger cars was signed. Within its framework, a project for the construction of an automobile plant on the territory of the USSR was approved, and models for licensing were identified — VAZ-2101 and VAZ-2103 sedans and VAZ-2102 station wagon version.

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The Fiat 124, awarded as the "European Car of the Year" in 1967, was identified as a prototype.
On the basis of the VAZ-2101, the so-called "classic" family of VAZ cars was created, which was on the assembly line until September 17, 2012.

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SMP Racing
SMP Racing
Thank you very much! :)
whats the difference between your mod and zizh_games version?does the skin from his mod work on yours?
SMP Racing
SMP Racing
A lot of things have been finalized and redone, but the template should fit.
love these cars!!!!
SMP Racing
SMP Racing
Thank you very much! :)
Credit where credit is due, this is a top quality mod and a very enjoyable drive.

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