Lada 2105 A2 group

Lada 2105 A2 group 1.3.0

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Lada 2105 is a front-engine rear-wheel-drive compact class car, restyling version of the Lada 2101.
This version is racing car A2 group for Soviet Union touring championship and for Cup of Peace and Friendship championship.


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3D modelling
MESA, Yuriy Zhabin, Kunos

2D artists
MESA, Yuriy Zhabin, Kunos

|Viper|, Dmitriy Alekseev, Kunos, Yuriy Zhabin

LODs and CSP

Yuriy Zhabin

Test drivers
Dmitriy Skok, Andrey Rusanov, Konstantin Starikov, Dmitriy Gapeta

Official online championship: or

Latest updates

  1. Version 1.3.0

    What's new? - LOD's - CSP config - rim blur fixed - 1600cc version
  2. Version 1.1.2

    New 126 hp engine and some new skins
  3. Version 1.1.1

    What's new? Fixed powerloss.

Latest reviews

great updates, but all my windshield are blurred
Just like its older brother (Lada 2101 A2), this car is great fun to race with. I am surprised that these two cars were not picked up by several communities to make an entry-level touring car championship, because they are suited for that purpose perfectly. The only thing I'd wish for are functional turn signals.

Looks like the author of the previous review ("no 5th gear") has yet to find out that he only gets 5 gears when selecting one of the optional transmissions (ideally VFTS 1 or VFTS 2) through the setup menu, while the default Lada factory gearbox has only 4 gears. Thus, it works as designed when selecting 5th yields nothing but noise.
Sorry) This is great AC modding system who haven.t adaptive system for changing 3D and physics ((
I cant make the 5th gear working. Deleted, reinstalled twice, still no power in 5th gear, only highest rev. AI has 5th gear, easily overtake me if I reach 4th gear rev max.
Actually, the car is fun, lovely on tracks, where you dont need 5th gear.
The other Lada is a better, but this one is not so bad, just give it a try.
Just tried it on Goodwood doing some practice laps. Great car on a track like this when you get the gears sorted out and put some air in the tyres. (yes Tyres, I am not an American) Loved it.
Spasivo! :)
Lovely. Thank you for your awesome work.
Because Lada cyka blyat who needs brakes when you have vodka
Amazing !!! Sound is great. Very good job.
Had a blast with this thing. The brakes are pretty much non-existant, but otherwise it handles nicely :)
thx :)
Very Nice...Thank you!
Feels great actually, bunch of fun.

Latest News

File size
114.1 MB
First release
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User rating
4.64 star(s) 14 ratings

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