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LADA Vesta it has an international homologation. Prepared for the participation of LADA Sport ROSNEFT team pilots in the top class "Touring" of the Russian series of circuit races.
Since 2009, the LADA Sport factory team has been represented in the World Touring Car Racing Championships.

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In 2015 and 2016 it drove 1.6-liter turbo engine LADA Vesta TC1 with a capacity of 380 hp, prepared by the French company Oreca according to the regulations of the Global Race Engine ("World Racing Engine"). Both years, the team ended up in third place in the manufacturers' standings. The 2016 season was the best for the drivers for all their performances in the WTCC — nine podiums, three record-breaking victories, two of which won at the Russian stage. Meanwhile, by 2017, due to the world championship's deep crisis, LADA Sport (as well as Citroën Racing) decided to leave it. Racing Vestas were still presented at the championship — they were piloted by the private Italian team RC Motorsportruen. In total, the pilots on the "Vestas" won 19 podiums in the WTCC (including 4 victories).

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Since 2017, the LADA Sport team, using various LADA Vesta modifications, has been participating in The Russian Series of Circuit Races, constantly being in the leading group. Although the car was created in the shortest possible time, from the first races it was able to compete on an equal footing with the world's leading models of the class. During this time, several different versions of the racing Vesta debuted in the Touring class — with VAZ and Renault engines.

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Latest updates

  1. Update 1.01

    - improved physics - fixed an error with the non-admission of the car to the track

Latest reviews

Matter about matter's origin doesn't matter ;)
Only the result matters ; and this car is really good.
Thank you.
SMP Racing
SMP Racing
Thank you very much! :)
WAIT..... its an official mod XDXDXDXD this is amazing
I'll start with a positive: the model itself is reasonable. For 2023 Assetto it's certainly nothing special, but it's at least on Kunos quality.
The not positive:
The car uses a lot of Kunos data. This doesn't make it outright bad, but transparency is important - if you're going to reskin the Audi TT Cup, tell people you've reskinned the Audi TT Cup.
- Tyres are entirely copied from the TT Cup. This is despite the cars having different tyre widths (plus the Kunos tyres aren't great anyway).
- Aero is entirely copied from the TT Cup, with a tiny change to span, so CM doesn't flag it when you analyse the car.
- Rear suspension is still from the 70's Porsche as Raymond highlighted - all they did to "update" the geometry was another trick to get CM to not flag it without really changing anything - the top wishbone was made ridiculously wide.
I'm not saying the last two points had malicious intent to get around CM's analyser, but it's not a good look.

The not copied data:
- The engine is... interesting. Would love to see a dyno graph matching this. It's also running way too little boost - publicly available TCR BoP sheets show all cars in the region of 1.5 bar, this mod is running ~0.5. UI curve also doesn't match the actual curve.
- Brakes seem good! No complaints here.

It's great that you guys are trying to bring these cars to Assetto Corsa, but I wish you were actually doing that, and not just reskinning/kitbashing existing cars.
SMP Racing
SMP Racing
Thanks for the feedback! We are continuing to work on our modifications.
This Vesta looks, drives, and sounds brilliant, thanks a lot for this amazing car, by far my favourite in this category !
SMP Racing
SMP Racing
Thank you very much! :)
New suspension geometry is much appreciated; I can now happily say this is a worthy addition to AC's collection of tin-tops.
SMP Racing
SMP Racing
Thank you very much! :))) Come to our races and championships!
thanks. i like it
SMP Racing
SMP Racing
Thank you very much! :)
love all the new content! thx
SMP Racing
SMP Racing
Thank you very much! Come to our races, always welcome!
Rear suspension data ripped from the Kunos 70's Porsche Group 4 car. Updating the geometry to more accurately match the real Lada TCR would be much appreciated.
SMP Racing
SMP Racing
Thanks for the feedback! our work on mods will continue, stay tuned! :) UPD - The rear suspension has been updated

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