LaFerrari FXX K Pack

LaFerrari FXX K Pack 1.2

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Hi all!
I show you my LaFerrari FXX K Pack!

The idea comes from my FXX K desktop. By looking at it day after day I couldn't resist anymore to have one in the game.
But seeing I'm not good on modelling and stuffs, I did what I can do: a skin. :)

The fact is that after doing the first skin, the hardest job, it was just a matter of colors to have much more.
Then I made a check online about some XX Ferrari liveries (599XX and FXX included) to get inspiration!

With the pack's version 1.2 and expecially the coming of new hi-res drivers suit from Assetto Corsa 1.5, the whole pack became too big, so I had to split it based on different skins' base colors.
So I'll split also the presentation for each single pack.
Packages list is the following:
- Red Pack: here, description following.
- White Pack:
- Gray Pack:
- Yellow Pack:
- Black Pack:
- Blue Pack:

VERSION 1.0 (March, 15 2015)
- Skins: 15 color variants of FXX K style stripes liveries

VERSION 1.1 (March, 03 2016)
- Skins: 3 more color variants
- Skins: all 18 liveries available also without race number pads
- Revamped color texture, with better metal reflexes, more like Kunos originals
- New back plate compatible with AC 1.3+
- New preview images, more like AC 1.3+

VERSION 1.2 (May, 13 2016)
- New drivers' suit and gloves. Compatible with new AC 1.5 drivers
- Skins: 5 new skins: white and dark red, black and orange, blue and black, blue and yellow and Fallout 4 themed.
- Reworks on skins to fix some small details and shadows
- New texture for default LaFerrari carbon parts on all skins
- Carbon like reflexes on carbon parts for all skins
- New preview images, created with official Kunos tool
- Download file splitted in 6 differente packages, related to skins' base color.

Note that Carbon and Green Pack are still intended as separated packages with their own pages:
LaFerrari Green Pack
LaFerrari Carbon Pack


So the pack includes 4 different FXX K skins stiles variants:
- Red
- Red (yellow stripes, v1.1)
- Dark Red (red stripes)
- Light Red
And relative "n/n" versions, which means "no number" 'cause they show no racing number.

Unzip the file in "Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\cars\ferrari_laferrari\skins" where "Steam" is Steam's installation folder.
It should create following 8 folders:
- fxxk_rosso_corsa_p
- fxxk_rosso_corsa_nn_p
- fxxk_rosso_giallo_p
- fxxk_rosso_giallo_nn_p
- fxxk_rosso_mugello_p
- fxxk_rosso_mugello_nn_p
- fxxk_rosso_scuderia_p
- fxxk_rosso_scuderia_nn_p


(Note: videos refers to 1.0 version.)

(Click on each image to see Full HD screen!)

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  • Rosso_Giallo.jpg
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  • Rosso_Mugello.jpg
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  • Rosso_Scuderia.jpg
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Latest updates

  1. AC 1.5 patch new Driver's model suits and gloves + pack sliptted by colors

    VERSION 1.2 - New drivers' suit and gloves. Compatible with new AC 1.5 drivers - Skins: 5 new...
  2. 3 new liveries + alternative without racing numbers + 1.3 alignments

    VERSION 1.1: - Skins: 3 more color variants - Skins: all 18 liveries available also without race...

Latest reviews

Just Awesome, thank you for sharing!!!
You're welcome
Nice job....thank you for that!
You're welcome
Very nice skin pack for this car, like blackcelica numbers not really necessary but even then still very appealing skins!! Good job, I hope maybe you take a look at my skin pack too for this car. This pack is a very welcome addition to my pack, thank you.
Thank you!
Nice but they are not race cars so the numbers don't do it for me. Maybe without numbers. Other than that, quality stuff.
Hi! Now is also available without race numbers. :)
Wow, just yesterday I was thinking about the same thing! Then abandoned the project because I thought "no it won't be as good as original FXXK".


Your work is top quality. Thank you, I will take the red one for a ride soon =)
Have fun! ;)
It's never easy to make stripe skins on Kunos' street cars textures! :D
So it wasn't easy job at all. I can ensure. ;)

Which red you prefer? 10, 25 or 90?
90 it's my personal one! My personal number and my colors' fantasy. ^_^

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