Lamborghini Huracan Forte Racing #78 IMSA 2023

Lamborghini Huracan Forte Racing #78 IMSA 2023 1.1

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This skin represents the Forte Racing Lamborghini Huracan #78 as presented at the « Roar before Daytona 24h » practice and quali sessions in january 2023. The main race will take place on January 28th and 29th , 2023 on the Daytona Endurance racetrack layout.

With this car, alongside the #42 NTE/SSR an the #19, #63 and #83 Iron Lynx/Iron Dames I made previously, and also available on RaceDepartment, the 5 Lamborghini Huracan line-up of the 2023 Daytona 24h is now complete.

As I didn't find any Huracan GT3/GTD EVO2, this skin suits the Simtek Lamborghini Huracan GT3, available here

For this reason there are some details that are not fully accurate, but I tried to match the actual car as much as possible and the general look allows it's use as well as own racing car or as opponent car with enough realism.

For « problem free » installation, I would recommend the install procedure discribed in josap11 's 2022 IMSA GTD package, downloadable here : that states : « The easiest way around it was to install Brototypes 2020 pack ( which is a great pack and highly recommended anyway, then install the mas file into the "1.20IMSA20" folder. »

The car will appear under « IMSA Weathertech Sportcar Championship 2023 », GTD category, in the car selection menu.
This skin was designed with the available documentation at this time and what could be seen on the IMSA footage. Did you find any graphical issue, please send a message with a detail picture of the actual car and I'll try to improve the design within the game / car limitations.
Have good and safe races !

Credits : number plates made with the "Universal number template" by zerobandwidth

Serge Michaux
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  1. Update 1.1

    slightly modified paintsheme "arrow" markings scaled up

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