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Lamborghini Miura P400SV 0.8.8

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Lamborghini Miura P400SV​
This car is now Official Content in Assetto Corsa - thanks everyone.​
There will be no further updates for this mod.​
by Vampire, the_meco, Pankykapus and KitrinosKat​
Skin Templates and additional user-made skins available at AC Forums.​

We greatly appreciate any kind donations to help offset the initial monetary cost outlay for the model by me, and to compensate the guys in the team for their time and effort.

Latest updates

  1. 0.8.8

    Version 0.8.8 - Changelog - added a comma to the colliders.ini, to fix error posted in log -...
  2. 0.8.7

    Version 0.8.7 - Changelog - Sound volume re-balanced to match better with other AC elements. If...
  3. Version 0.8.5 Update

    Version 0.8.5 - Changelog - V1.0 Release of KitrinosKats amazing sounds! - Tire temp/grip...

Latest reviews

The sound doesn't work :/
great! Tks for developing!
I love this car! Think I´ve a 100h+ spend in it! Thanks for doing the mod! I espacially love the manual! How much love you gave into your work! Thanks a lot guys! Hope you get the respect you deserve! You can be sure to have earned mine!
Awesome mod and official content worthy.
Congrats with the Kunos deal!
great mod..1 of my favorite, but now its useless because of the v1.1.3 dreampack edition. I understand you don't want to work on a mod that has become official content, but for those of us who would like to keep driving it in this AC version could you just make the mod compatible with the dreampack version of AC? there is no telling when this official content will drop, & we will be missing out on driving this excellent mod of yours. You don't have to improve the vehicle, just make it compatible plz.
Another fantastic car on AC! Thanks
Top quality.
Excellent car, thanks.
a must to have! Great mod!
Great work! the car looks and sounds awesome and the detail in the cockpit is first rate stuff. Can't drive the bloody thing very well yet though but I like that it will take a bit of practice to get the best out of it, much like the Shelby in that respect. Thank you
this is simply outstanding work. haven't quite warmed up to this car yet, but this mod is a credit to AC and exemplary work for all to follow and learn from. well done!
Not my favorite lambo. but nice work.
I recommend this car especially if you like drifting then it is perfect!

+The Sound OMG!
+Looks Regular outside but a beast inside!

You guys done a great job.

My First Impression:
I knew it would become an official content. This is my favorite car in the whole game. Great work.
Can this get better now - don't think so :)
What an absolute joy on the ears.The engine and exhaust notes are pure joy to listen too.Please add more classic cars with this level of love added to them.Thank you
What a perfect car. my absolut favorit for this game. much more fun than the original cars. thanks
Please Bulid the Countach Turbo S in this Quality :-)
The best third-party addon car for AC to date. Period.

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