Lancia 037 Evo2 1984-1985 4K

Lancia 037 Evo2 1984-1985 4K 1.2

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  1. Chardonnet1984

    6/8 Black > Martini 1984 Tour de Corse Markku Alen optional Tour de Corse 1985 Atilio Bettega...
  2. Martini 1984 & totip 1985

    update Martini livery & add totip livery.

Latest reviews

Thanks for making this! Very well done
Great job.
Outstanding work!
The skins are beautiful. Great work! Thank you.
Excelent Work !!
This car became my favorite lately. With these liveries it is even better. Really enjoying Jolly Club totip livery.
Very fine Work, great Details , 4k .... Thank you
love martini - thx!
Fantastic Job
If god rallied he would do so in a Lancia . the 0.37 is a legend . it may have only won one WRC Championship . But its the last RWD car to win the WRC . its followed in the foot steps of the Fulvia HF & Stratos also legends in their own rights. Thanks
Cool !
Awesome. Now with the Totip livery difficult to choose which one I'm going to drive. Don't drink & drive but I'll do that with a Martini:) Thanks!
Very nice!!
Superbe !
awesome my friend:)
Excellent well done :)
Magnificent just man, Bravo!!!

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