Le Circuit Mt-Tremblant 1969 (St-Jovite)

Le Circuit Mt-Tremblant 1969 (St-Jovite) 1.2

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Built in 1964 starting with the "North Loop" to host Montreal's Driving Clubs, Le Circuit Mt-Tremblant (Canada) was extend to the full "GP" layout in 1965. The track was a huge success in 60’s and nearly every big series made a stop there, including F1 in 1968 and 1970. The CanAm and TransAm series were also regular events. The late 60’s was really the golden era for the track not only for the high profile races but also popularity. Every race weekend was one giant outdoors party with huge crowds.
The track phased out of top level racing in the 70’s due to very legitimate safety concerns, very bad condition of tarmac, oil crisis, inadequate pit area and the long distance from Montreal. The opening of the Ile Notre-Dame Circuit in fall of 1978 (to be renamed Gilles-Villeneuve) was the final blow. However, the Circuit Mont-Tremblant maintained a high reputation amongst drivers who loved its tricky corners and wild elevation change. There was still a lot memorable racing in the 80’s with the Porsche Cup and other national series, at which time (as a teen) it really caught my imagination.

The 2000-2001 rebuild by Laurence Stroll saved the track from demise and brought it up to modern safety standards.




"Le Circuit Mt-Tremblant 69" mod (or St.Jovite as it was generally known in the days) is the result of countless hours of research and learning to model, texture and shade. It took many years to get to this point (and many failed attempts). I started to dream about this well before AC was even annonced as a future sim, hoping someone else would do this track justice. It didn't happen, so I decided to do it myself from scratch.
I hope you enjoy this special place as much as I do.

Well suited for all vintage racing cars, from Mini's to F1 and everything in-between.
Lap record: Jackie Stewart Tyrell 1970 F1 1:31.500

Drop me a PM if you plan a league/online race on this track, I might join!

-All modes supported (practice, hotlap, race, etc...)
-28 pit boxes (Historical), 34 for League grid
-CSP Rain (Tested with CSP version 0.1.78-preview 1)
-League grid version with modern 8m FIA spacing
-Fully detailed physical road mesh, I didn't go too far (I think) with the bumps to keep it driveable, the tarmac was in very bad shape at the end of the 60's
-Custom grass FX with many local species
-Custom 2D spectators (for that GPL look!), many of which taken from period pictures at the track.
-3D modeled 20x20km area with surounding hills, mountains and lakes (no horizon wall)
-VAO patch
-I took a bit of liberty with the pit exit for safer re-entry

- Needs stflow shader (included in the download)
- Content Manager with CSP's GrassFx enabled is *highly* recommended

Current limitations and future developement:
-No lights for night racing (currently). Note that there was never any race held at night, but lots of great parties (so I'm told!)...
-No seasons adjustment support, a dedicated skin for automn is planned with our colorful maple trees in all their orange, yellow and red glory.
-Improving trees, and bushes in some areas plus many other graphical tweaks.
-Adding alternate cameras
-AI improvements

3D Marshall and base road diffuse texture: Rigel
The amazing CSP for grass and rain effects and other cool stuff.
Stereo for his flow shader

Special Thanks:
Assettocorsamods.net and Race Department modding communities, I would never have made it this far all without the shared information and support.
Lilski, his fantastic information sharing post and tutorials made me see the light numerous times.
cmsracing.com Historics Racing community for beta testing

Latest updates

  1. League layout now have 34 grid slots

    Small update to support 34 slots on both "League" layouts. Pit boxes had to be made angled at...
  2. Hot fix - T13 pop-up fence

    T13 Pop-up fence mesh fixed Sorry for the quick re-release, but this visual bug was quite...
  3. Various minor bug fix

    Fixed loading issue on “vanilla” AC. Works now. Was caused by custom crowd file. Note: Crowd...

Latest reviews

Amazing mod!
Très bon mod de ce légendaire circuit Québecois.
thank you
Thank you.
Je test est repasse.
Sinon merci d'avance si je repasse pas dans les hrs a venir
Just love this place. Hopefully one day I'll make it there for real if HMSA ever goes back.
Beautiful! Thx. Very 60ish.
Sublime. It's incredible to be able to drive around a circuit that's practically hallowed ground in Canadian racing circles. Throughout my childhood and teens spent in racing paddocks across Canada I've heard so many stories about the glory days of St. Jovite and seen the reverence those who experienced it had for it. A circuit both fearsome and beautiful in equal measure, and one where just about every Canadian racing driver who's anyone learned their craft at the Jim Russel racing school. Wonderful stuff, it all makes me a bit emotional. Many thanks, and cheers!
Now I'm emotionnal too!
Thanks for this review. It's a very accurate way to describe the importance of this track's place in canadian motorsport.
Great track! Love the blind corners, elevation changes and the hump. Excellent.
So excited to see this course in its vintage glory! With this and Sergio Loro's Stardust, we can finally have a proper 1966 Can-Am season. Thank you so much for all your hard work.
Very nice track, especially for vintage cars........
Amazing track, very fun with the 75 F1 cars
Fantastic video!!! 70's F1 are a blast indeed.
Another great old track.
It´s very funny to drive with a 67 Formula 1.
As the French Canadians might say: ''C'est Magnifique!''
Seriously this is amazing work, and I for one, can't wait to see what other work comes out from you. Can I suggest Westwood?
Westwood is a good suggestion ;-) Not promising anything, but I'll look into it.
Just had a top race around it in a Lola T70 against FordGT40, Jags and McLaren M6B. Very fun and came away smiling, Thanks.
One of the best track releases for AC. Like it a lot, especially using some old cars from the 60s or 70s.
Possibly the best historic track in AC right now. The attention to detail is phenomenal.
Really great track, and awesome graphic and nice trees everywhere. And alot of fun to drive, good asphalt feeling!!

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