Ledenon 2008

Ledenon 2008 0.1

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Ledenon is a small village north of Nimes, near the A9 motorway.
The circuit Lédenon emerged as the more hilly, more winding and more technical track in France.
It shows the distinction of being the only one in France turn in the opposite direction clockwise.
It was built on a motocross track with climbs and descents.

Version: Ledenon_2008 1.00
By: Philcout, Piaoo, Thesky
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 12-Oct-08
Current release: 0.1, on 12-Oct-08
Convert Assetto Corsa by: Virtualdrivers.org/DFS, TX3stazer92 and Peksis
Convert release: 18/02/2015
Facebook if you like our works: https://www.facebook.com/virtualdrivers.org
Pits: 22
Grid: 22
Ai Lines: OK
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Latest reviews

love this track.... it seems very bright (hard on the eyes) and it needs brake markers badly... any plans on finishing this awesome track?
nice work!
You could insert the drift track for future verssion
Amazing track. Lots of level changing. Fun to race. Had great battle on it with friends. A bit of work on shaders and a fix on road mesh to avoid cars touching the ground and that would be a 5 stars. If you dont know this track you miss something. Thanks for your work guys. Hope you keep improving it.
This is a decent track. Some polish is needed to up the rating. Track map doesn't work out the box, you need to delete the usual files to get it to work. The track surface could do with some work, I was getting a weird shudder through the corners that I don't get from Kunos tracks. Wish I could help with what the cause is. Keep it up, look forward to updates.
nul et moche
I see version 0.1......great work for a 0.1
Contrary to a few other reviewers, I think this is a very good first release. Just a couple of improvements are needed to make this a true 5 star review. For me the 2 issues are the 95% occupancy warning with only 7 AI cars, normally I can run 7-9 on most mod tracks and 9 on Kunos original tracks. The other issue is two corners where the BMW E30(stock) bottoms out.

Not problems, but would like to see skid marks and a few more billboards.

Thanks for a fun track!
Great track, had a lot of fun with the 458 Italia :-) but it´s not 1.0 imho.
Finally here !!! Didn't test it yet but i'm sure it will be awesome :D Thanks mate !
i like it !

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