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Leopard Racing Moto3 1.0

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Hey all, one last mod before the new game!

A full Leopard Racing texture mod since Danny Kent is dominating so far this season! Includes, pits, crew, menu pictures, custom bike etc.

Masbou> Danny Kent
Khairuddin> Efren Vazquez

This mod doesn't include menu text changes; when selecting a rider the text will say Masbou, but Kent's picture will show. RKH has been working on a menu and performance mod which will correct the names and way more!

Look out for it here!

To install you need to extract and remix two files:
For a more detailed explaination of this method of installing mods see my 2015 mod page. If your having problems just leave a question and I'll try and help.

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Beyond description. Awesome.
I love this bike! Awesome :D
that's just ridiculously good !!! What a bike!!!

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