Lola B99/50 - Formula 3000 - 1999 - Gonchi Rodriguez

Lola B99/50 - Formula 3000 - 1999 - Gonchi Rodriguez 1.2

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One of Gonzalo Rodriguez's most iconic cars, the one with which he achieved victory in the streets of Monaco in 1999.

It is a Lola B99/50 Formula 3000, a car that always seemed very nice to me.

I know the 3D model has some differences from the real car, I only had photos to guide me when creating it.

It's all created by me, except for the wheels that I used from a base car.

Below I leave the links to the pages that I used as a reference, both to create the 3D model and to create the skins of that season.

From this page I took its photos as a reference to create the 3D model:

And from this other page I took their photos as a reference to create the skins (There are still some to create):


I hope you like this mod!

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Latest updates

  1. Mirror bug fixed

    Mirror bug fixed
  2. Camera correction!

    Camera correction by @kudos_kudos Thanks you again Kudos_kudos!

Latest reviews

Thank you. I remember very well Rodriguez's fatal accident at Laguna Seca. Very, very sad.
Very beautiful mod. But still have trouble - car gear stuck on neutral and can't start moving. In manual it switched on 1 - 2 but not upper.. Can't understand how to fix this problem, i try use this mod in clear game and with CSP - same bug.. If anyone have car settings ir anither idea - please help, this csr is from my favourite racing era...
Really nice car. Good model and huge variety of historical skins!

The only downfall for me is that the car doesn´t have an option for automatic shift/gearbox - smt that is a must for me.
Great to have a period correct Formula 3000 single seater, well done and thanks for the race info.
WoW what a surprise! Thanks for the gift.
hi, this is awesome, i post a question if you can see it
I love this car... excellent work!!
Thank you so much! Sometimes I create online servers with it, I hope to see you there!
Brilliant work
Thanks man!
Best open wheel car mod ever
Probably one of m,y favorite open-wheel cars, maybe not the most realistic handling model but probably one of the funnest
Thank you so much! Exactly that was my idea when making it, a fun mod to use.
great car!
Free and public unlike others who are always very discreet when we go green.
nice work very sincerely.
Now missing a Reynard 95/96D and that would be great!
Thank you so much! I hope to make more mods in the future!
Congratulations for the realization. shame about the sound that doesn't give credit to the zytek V8 engine.
I know the model of this LOLA very well because I am a hillclimb enthusiast, I made a mod of this car based on the 3D of race07 and I can tell you with certainty that your 3D model does not have the correct measurements (bigger), just open it on the CM near the other Kunos Formulas and you will notice it. If I can give you some advice, take the 3D of race07 to have some references on the real dimensions. I hope my comment was helpful. Good work
I know your mod from the videos you have on YouTube, 6 months ago I comented you where to get it, and if I remember correctly I even went to your Telegram to see if it was possible to get your mod, since at first I only wanted to make Gonzalo Rodriguez's livery. But unfortunately I did not receive a response from you by any means, so I started to create my own 3D model, and as I say in the initial post, I know it has errors, since the only reference I had were photos.

I don't know "Race07" nor do I have its 3D model. Regarding the measurements of the car, I took as reference the measurements that appear on Wikipedia about this car, I suppose they are wrong there then.

Anyway, I was very satisfied with the result, even though it has some errors. I created it with Blender and I am not a professional using this program. In fact, I am self-taught and the things I create are just for fun.
Good looks, well made, very noble to drive, a lot of skins... Perfect! Thanks for share you hard work; always grateful for being able to enjoy these wonders of mods.
Thank you for your words, I hope to do more in the future!
Incredible car. Perfect mod. Keep it up.
Thank man!
Excelente!!! Muchísimas gracias!!!
Muchas gracias a vos por descargarlo y probarlo!
The very first Int'l F3000 mod on AC!
Thank you very much for this comment and for what you sent me by pm, I will upload the update today!
Thank you so much!
Hello nice model but maybe it would need an upgrade in terms of speed vision and car parameters so looking at it seems a bit bare,
fantastic model, great work, much appreciated.
Thank you so much!

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