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LOLA T280 by PIXSIM v1.4

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V1.4 is the latest version.
- Some graphical bugs are fixed by the community.
- Physics are original

The car is a blast and very authentic.

Unzip and put the .rfcmp file in your packages folder and install via the launcher.

Latest reviews

This is what makes RF2 better then AC. The feel is fantastic.
Excelent job. Awsome car.
Lovely car, lovely model.
However, I have no sounds..
Anyone have any ideas..
One of the best mods for rF2. Would love to have some of the other cars this raced against. Even if they had to share physics, just for looks.
Wow! It is really amazing. Do yourself a favor and download this car.
Excellent. Quality all the way. Lovely to drive
Love it since first release. Pixsim means quality!

Latest News

Gijs van Elderen
File size
111.9 MB
First release
Last update
User rating
4.90 star(s) 10 ratings

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