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Longford 1967 1.00

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Fast road circuit in Tasmania, Australia.
Long straights, tight corners, two bridges, a viaduct, a level rail crossing, and a pub.
Used for the Tasman Series in the 1960s, and hosted two Australian Grand Prix.
Also used with sports and touring cars at the yearly event.
The final race meeting was in 1968.
This is an old project, since ported to rF2.
rFactor 1 version uploaded here for archival purposes.
There will be no further updates.
I'm the original author.
Thanks for all the support over the years.
Original RD forum thread here:

Latest reviews

The track is aptly named: It consists primarily of very "long" stretches, followed by a series of sharp, primarily angular turns.

The overall circuit design is slightly blaise (no fault of the modders) as most of it is straight and level. There is no elevation change. The authentic re-creation of this track, in my opinion however, is worth the 'price of admission': Textures throughout the entire circuit are of extremely high quality graphical detail -whether it be telephone poles, houses, trees, the track itself, other vehicles, bystanders, etc. etc.

The surrounding country side does look very "Australian/Tasmanian"-esque and authentic. There are three layouts of the circuit including a 'cloudy' layout. The cloudy sky is ultra-realistic. The pit lane is very unique and original: All grass...

Also, the A.I. vehicles do have a little trouble with a few parts of the track in making turns or veering off onto alternative 'closed' portions of the circuit.
Thanks for reviving a good old favourite
Need more like it.
One of the greatest third-party mods for rFactor. If you have the sim, you need this track... it's that simple. Thank you to woochoo for all your work on this creation, and for the "official" re-upload!
Very nice track, thank you!

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