[Lotus T125] Brawn GP 2009 Jenson Button

[Lotus T125] Brawn GP 2009 Jenson Button 1.1

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Brawn GP 2009 Jenson Button

Assetto Corsa

This is my first Skin for Assetto Corsa. I hope you like it ;)
Please give me some review if you don't like something and i will try to fix it.
Bridgestone Tires by chargingcar:

Latest reviews

is there a chance for a 4k version of this skin ? i really like and its the only one that fits the car
Nice one.
Great skin mate
such a beautiful car
Nailed it!
Great work
looks great m8 well done ))
Great work !!!! thanks
Great! Now we just have to hope for better AI and that it would be possible to create full F1 season to this game! One flaw though: car has Pirelli tyres but Bridgestone logo up front.
Sorry i forgot to change the tires. Now i have fixed it. Thank you for your advice.
Flawless job. Incredible.

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