Macauley Jones Darwin Indigenous livery 2023 Pizza Hut

Macauley Jones Darwin Indigenous livery 2023 Pizza Hut 1.1

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Macauley Jones Darwin Indigenous livery 2023

Spotted a few mistakes after taking pictures, will correct them tomorrow. Enjoyed this one, not 100% but will do...

BCRC Gen 3 mod needed for the Camaro

Screenshot 2024-04-13 010805.jpg
Screenshot 2024-04-13 010833.jpg
Screenshot 2024-04-13 010710.jpg
Screenshot 2024-04-13 010636.jpg
Screenshot 2024-04-13 010512.jpg
Screenshot 2024-04-13 010737.jpg

Latest updates

  1. added few indigenous bits that i missed

    spots on side and rear

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OMG Richard, these Indigenous liveries you are creating are... well I'm speechless (words can't describe). This one is my favourite and I do not even have the car mod. Keep up the great work!

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Richard Lofthouse
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