MAK-Corp Group C Community Update - Part I

MAK-Corp Group C Community Update - Part I 1.2

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As the title says, this is a community update for the infamous Group C mod by MAK-Corp. All credits belong to them and more info about the changes can be found on the official forum. There are a few other skins added to the pack by @Highlandwalker and @rvieira.


This updates includes new icons thanks to Chris and his online tools, better structured and standardized skin descriptions, new filters, 11 new 962 skins and 6 new C11 skins created by me inlcuding infamous colours and schemes from the mid 80s and early 90s, new driver model, several visual updates and an overhaul of the AI with new BOP, talent files for all cars and drivers and improved behaviour.

To install the mod you have to DL Part I, II and III, extract the rfcmp file to your packages folder and install it with the modmanager or the ingame content managment tools.

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