McLaren 720S GT3 - Okami Panasonic Shiseido Racing

McLaren 720S GT3 - Okami Panasonic Shiseido Racing 1.1 Evo

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This is my very first skin, so of course it surely has flows.


A skin I created in late august for a league championship. I played for the first time Okami last spring and became a favorite game to me.

I used official Okami artworks . Of course for a Japanese-themed, base colour was (artic/cold) white. With black rims, no ACC-decals (numbers etc.) it has a nice Japanese tuner feeling to me.


On top of the car : original PS2 Japanese cover version. Very beautiful cover, one of my favorite, I even use it in my own Steam library


I reused the Japanese logo on the back of the car alongside AP Racing (at it seems to be the brake manufacturer of the Macca) for a sweet asymetrical insignia effect.

On the left side I used a classic artwork evoking the game. I wanted petals near one rear wheel so I was lucky to find it.


On the right side I found a custom-created screenshot ( credits : ). I scrolled down the game details in Steam and found this screenshot which quicky reminded me Red Bull's charging bull decals. So I just reverted it to apply it in the driving direction.


List of sponsors used :

Panasonic - Ideas for Life : 2000s logo + really really love the "Ideas for Life" with the whole Okami game (as you draw stuff in it), and applied over Issun holding a paintbrush on the bonnet is very nice
Shiseido : high-end Japanese cosmetics brands. Is chic and I wanted to work for them. Never managed to :D
Sparco : seat and stuff supplier
Capcom : most people would know it ; game publisher
Asahi : Japanese beer most of the time brewed in Germany
Issey Miyake : Japanese fashion brand
Clover Studios : original game developer
O2 : I like Arsenal and it's 2000s
Omega Lubricants : I played Gran Turismo 3 extensively when making this and the logo is often displayed around tracks. Didn't know the brand before it. Looks good and square shape fits nice here
HSBC : 2000s logo used
Pirelli : tyres supplier
AP Racing : brakes supplier


Sumitomo Mitsui Banking : the one above with green characters. Two different banking logos sounds weird yes, but I like them both
Discreet Mclaren logo near the engine. Red arrow rather than orange, of course for more Japanese-ness. I wanted to include stuff like Japanase McLaren dealership(s) but too complicated/would have make things ugly.


Latest updates

  1. Transposition to 2023 720S GT3 Evo

    Edited Customs\Cars\ .json to change car model type to 22 to 35. No improvements to new McLaren...
  2. \Cars .json

    Forgot to add the companion .json in \customs\Cars ; added in the new archive. Thanks to...

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