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Mclaren MP4-12C GT3 - Marlboro Mclaren Honda Skin 3.0

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A Marlboro Mclaren Honda skin for the Mclaren MP4-12C GT3. Inspired by the legendary MP4/4 driven by the great Ayrton Senna. This skin includes the classic white and red of Marlboro and Honda and a Senna name tag.

acs 2014-04-28 18-18-48-92.jpg
acs 2014-04-28 18-24-45-54.jpg
acs 2014-04-28 18-24-47-25.jpg
acs 2014-04-28 18-24-51-54.jpg
acs 2014-04-28 18-25-20-68.jpg
acs 2014-04-28 18-25-58-48.jpg
acs 2014-04-28 18-26-35-92.jpg
acShowroom 2014-04-28 18-05-17-63.jpg
acShowroom 2014-04-28 18-07-11-91.jpg

acShowroom 2014-05-01 14-58-16-53.jpg
acShowroom 2014-05-01 14-58-23-22.jpg

Helmet (2).jpg

Latest updates

  1. Ayrton Senna helmet added

    Added an Ayrton Senna helmet (Made by me).
  2. Added Senna foundation 'S' to the roof.

    Added Senna foundation 'S' to the roof.

Latest reviews

Thanks for keeping this iconic color scheme alive. Just beautiful!
Awesome, thx!
the best skin so far!
Great work , thanks !!
Outstanding well done!!
KOOL! * Downloaded * THANX!!!
Love this Skin
Very nice work , thanks
thank s nice skin very good work
Good adaptation, nice interior touches.
Looks marvelous!

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Ryan Clark
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