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Mclaren MP4-29 [DHD] 1.0

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Mclaren MP4-29 [DHD]

Completely reworked skin.
  • New lighter chrome effect
  • Replaced MP4-29 logos with johnnie walker & mobil 1
  • Fixed the hilton hhonors logo... :speechless:
  • New specocc texture
Done in the usual SD, HD & DHD sizes...


If you use a different Mclaren mod copy back the original materials file which is included in the download.

The car was made with no Lighting or High lod mods installed
I don't know what effect these mods will have on the car.

install instructions:

enjoy pebz :)


Before & After in game


Latest reviews

I liked your skins at F1 2012 and '13 and it's great to see you at '14 too. Very nice (alternative) skin. :)
Good skin, but it's a shame you didn't add the Johnnie Walker logo in front of the cockpit. The text looks a bit cheap, and adding the logo would add more of that authentic feeling to the car.

It's a good skin, much better than the original one that was very crappy. But maybe if you can add the JW logo to the top, and possible a better text to the sidepods, then it's really perfect :)

If you improve it, I will be certain to change my rating to 5* :D
Great job,really nice!Thx!:)))
Good Job!
Thank you! Nice job!
wow...amazing....please make ferrari DHD
Thank you,awesome.
Awesome work Pebz
excellent as usual. thanks again pebz for making the game. look forward to your 2015 mod..
really good job!!
Gets rid of that awful early season livery!
A skin by Pebz. Doesn't need much more said yo be honest. Always fantastic quality stuff from this modder.
nice , thank you!!
Top banana's. 5 shiny things allocated to you sir.

@Dahnes you can't do the real livery, too many restrictions. Think about that before you mark/rank something down.
If you would have added the actual livery than it would have been 5 stars.
Great DHD skin ! Thank you.
Thank you :-)
Awesome skin man,i was waiting for this for a long time :D

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