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Mercedes AMG Driving Academy Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3 2014 Macau GT Cup 1.11

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These are the Mercedes AMG Driving Academy/Performance Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3 cars entered in the 2014 Macau GT Cup.

The Mercedes AMG Driving Academy/Performance operated a 2 car entry in the unique, one-off 12 lap GT Cup race at the Guia Circuit in Macau that forms part of the famous Macau Grand Prix weekend alongside the World Touring Car Championship, Formula 3, and Superbike series.

The team took a 1-2 finish in the race

Car #5 (Silver highlights) was driven by German Maro Engel. The 2007 British Formula 3 runner up had a 4-year spell in the DTM before joining the Erebus Motorsport team in the V8 Supercar series in 2013.

Car #6 (red highlights) was driven by Dutchman Renger van der Zande. The 2005 Formula Renault 2.0 Netherlands champion has since competed in many racing series including British Formula 3, A1 Grand Prix, the GP3 Series, DTM, International GT Open, and in 2014 became the United Sportscar Championship Prototype Challenge classrunner up, winning 3 races including the famous 10 hour Petit Le Mans race at Road Atlanta.

These skins contains both the standard and 4K (high resolution) versions of the texture. Rename file to to use the 4K version (highly recommended!)


Latest updates

  1. I can't spell

    Typo on the #5 car corrected. Perfomance --> Performance
  2. Victory edition update

    Since I released this at the beginning of the weekend, the AMG Driving Academy/Performance went...

Latest reviews

by the way,how can make the preview?I mean the original style black background。
take a screenshot of the car from the same angle in showroom mode, cut out the backgorund and place it over the top of one of the existing Mercedes previews.

Although I really wish Kunos would add a showroom with the exact properties of the default showroom, and have the car load in, static, at the exact same angle, like a "preview mode". Can't be hard to do, surely.
beautiful livery from a frequently overworked event!
by the way,how can make the preview?
Just take a screenshot of the car from the showroom mode.
Awesome skin , thanks !

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