Mercedes AMG GT3 EVO '20 Extension

Mercedes AMG GT3 EVO '20 Extension RC 1.3

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AGU-Modding presents the 2020 AMG GT3 EVO for Assetto Corsa.


This mod is an extension for the Kunos AMG GT3, facelifting the car to the up to date 2020 Version.


Furthermore, it adds a racelogic display, lumirank system, scratchmade bodywork.


All installation instructions are in the readme file!

- Shaders Patch Version: 0.1.48 or above
- Kunos DLC Dream Pack #3

- Sol 1.5 or above
- A3PP PP Filter

How to install!


1. Close content manager
2. Delete "AGU_offline_mode" in your mods folder if you have this folder
3. Drag and Drop the content of the archiv into the main directory of assetto corsa.
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa

You are done. The mod is activated and full usable for online races.

In order to get additional instruments (lumirank, Racelogic) working you need to activate the new "AGU_offline_mode" of this download in the mods section of content manager. Keep in mind that the car is not usable for online races until you deactivate "AGU_offline_mode" again.


- @Firefighter0930 2D/3D works
- @N3D 3D works
- @cr4sh1337 shading
- @itsDraik photos
- @cr4sh1337 photos/shading

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Latest updates

  1. Just fix of the white skin

    default skin update
  2. Fixed Rear bumper distortion

    In order of rear bumper distortion we need to rebuilt some meshes and remap them. So sadly but...
  3. Shaderupdate + bug fixes

    Update content: - Updated shader (frontgrill) - Fill some gaps (rear/front bumper) - Updated...

Latest reviews

This is my first ever review and I make this bcs there's a misunderstanding, the installation provided by Firefighter0930 works and no I don't have cm pro or else I moved the mods and content folders to the root folder and it worked perfectly, at first instance I noticed that "there wasn't a change" but this happened bcs I wanted to view the car in content manager showroom and as another reviewer stated this won't show the car update, just select the car and enter to the game and you'll notice the changes ;)
I tried both methods, Mercedes AMG GT3 EVO '20 Extension RC 1.3 and Mercedes AMG GT3 '20 AGU-Modding Extension: Seperate Selectable Car 1.1
For some reason the additional instruments (lumirank, Racelogic) are not working for me. in both cases.
It took a little time to introduce the system.
I had to use another decompression software because "lhaplus" did not work well.
However, once it was unzipped, it worked fine.
I am satisfied.
loving it!!!! merci
idk why everbody is crying over the installation, was quite easy for me, especially when installing it in a skin
Installation method requires the full version of CM because it needs the mods tab, which ain't available in CM Lite. I'm giving this a one-star rating because this is not mentioned in the install instructions and there is no workaround given for people with CM Lite. I'm sorry, but I feel like I have to be harsh so the mod creator realises why everyone is complaining about the install method
Most people don't understand this, but if the creator makes it standalone, he's gonna get sued. Great job on this, ignore all those people telling you to make a standalone.
A really nice mod once you get over the awkwardness of installation. I noticed that there was no readme included in the download, which was annoying as it was stated there is one. I got it working on a cloned car so I didn't have to change anything about the Kunos one, which was nice. I understand that since it is a DLC car from Kunos it won't be released standalone, however I'm sure it would help many people if it were.
needs standalone
It's not working because of the bad installing method. Please publish as a standalone mod
After spending an hour, reinstalling, redownloading etc. this mod still won't work. Would have been better as a standalone
Great but its kind of difficult to make it work for a lot of people!
Any idea how to fix the panels being invisible?
Please help me everything except cockpit, wheels and doors are invisible
Thanks for sharing!
The skins made on your templates do not show on your mods, only the old version. How do we install new skins? Thanks for this mod looking forward to getting this working.
Copy ext_config from original skin folder in your made skin folder. extension should load on your custom skin. (Only ingame not in showroom)
Really not good, please release as a stand alone car. Installation is confusing and ends up messing up official Kunos content pretty badly. Please fix.
The mod is a mess, the car appears on top of the other model, theres clipping of the textures. why not doing a standalone car? not reccomended!!!
I don't like this kind of mod,
why don't you create a car apart
Because we like this kind of mods.
Ok, after a very long time, i succeeded intsall this Mod !
Be careful, the mod works in game but not in CM Showroom !
The look is terrific ! love it but it is just a shame not to have directly a stand alone car. I try to duplicate the Kunos car and then copy the extension files (after renaming) in the root directory, but then, the doors and wheels disapear ! I'm not a 3D modder so i don't want to spend time on this but if think it could be easy to do that ?

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