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Mercedes AMG GT3 Light config 2.0

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What's that ?
That mod adds several new illumination for the car and lets you customize it at you free will.

What is in ?
- Turning signals for the car
- Numberplate on doors illuminated at night
- 7 different layouts of led stripes
- 5 skins already coded to give as much examples as possible
- Xela's endulights meshes and coding to work with ( I have his permission )
- Lumirank on windscreen showing :
- By default, car number ( requires texture editing for further skins )
- Dynamic race position ( requires unpacked data.acd and not online friendly )

How to install ?
Unpack extension,skins and texture folders into content\cars\ks_mercedes_amg_gt3

How to do mine ?
There's a readme in the archive that explains everything you need to know

Quick Preview :

V2.0 :


Latest updates

  1. Major additions and improvements

    Changes : - Fixed missing/misaligned digits on dynamic LUMIRANK. - Improved cockpit LUMIRANK...
  2. Lumirank Fix

    Fixed the missing lumirank glow

Latest reviews

Cool, thanks for the tutorial too!
It doesn't work. This and Porsche.. How i have to do
5 stars and all but i would greatly like a tutorial on how to put this on other cars right lmao, im confused never done this stuff before
other cars or liveries ? for other liveries of the same car, a readme is included. For another car, that requires 3D modeling and stuff.
Amazing with the Nets and racelogic timer!
Very realistic and recommended especially in terms of realism with the Lumirank and the illuminated color led stripes and the carnumber
AMAZING, is there any way to create an alternate LUMIRANK position on the windshield banner? just like the N24h cars?
Thank you for this amazing work!! Beautiful as always. Do you know how can I fix the 3rd brake light? (it's not working). Cheers!
Hmmm, did it ever worked ? Looking at the car, it seems to be only active on pitlane. I haven't touched it to be honest so this must be its original task
Very good work. Nice to watch night replay with this function.
Amazing stuff as always!
No words! Love it
Nice mod, Thanks mate!!

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